Cimafunk closes 2020 with Cun Cun Prá, a 5-track EP that’s bound to help people dust off quarantine blues and get moving and shaking again. Check it out here.

Artwork : Haydée Fornaris / Photo : Giselle Gallego

Diverse and with great range, Cun Cun Prá incorporates Cuban musical legends, pop stars from Havana and Mexico, and even brings the funk straight from New Orleans.

The lead single, Cun Cun Prá, which is also the name of the EP, is a dance tune ready to make waves in the streets and discos. The track’s rhythm has a Caribbean flavor with Africa in the clave and some nice funk and disco mixed in. “It’s a nice mix of fresh sounds and summer heat. The message is positive; one about enjoying yourself,” says Cimafunk.

La Papa, featuring Diana Fuentes, is a fun and funky song with lyrics that have double-meanings, allowing for imagination and entertainment in a healthy way. “She gives it a sweet elegance that’s aggressive at the same time. And, of course, she brought the funk,” says Cimafunk of having Diana on the track.

Cimafunk slows it down with Parar el Tiempo, a remix of his most streamed track from his debut album. Producer Alfredo Gonzáles and Cimafunk created an R&B version and brought on the up and coming Mexican artist Salma to add her touch. “She took the first verse and filled it with personality and flow,” says Cimafunk. “She inserted magic in the melody and did her thing.”

Cun Cun Prá closes with two previously released tracks, El Potaje, featuring living legends Omara Portuondo, Chucho Valdés, Pancho Amat and Orquesta Aragón, and Caliente, a New Orleans meets Havana banger with “Tank” Ball of Tank and the Bangas and The Soul Rebels.

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