Photo: El Duende Raulin
Artwork: Haydee Fornaris Chavez

Cimafunk’s new album «El Alimento».

Release date : Oct 8th 2021

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“When we look back on 2019, the history of contemporary music will be marked by the emergence of the visionary Cuban musician … Cimafunk”

NPR Alt Latino

Cimafunk is a Grammy-nominated, Afro-Cuban Rockstar. His name refers to his heritage as a “cimarrón,” Cubans of African descent who resisted and escaped slavery, as well as to the essence of his music that aims to subvert classical Cuban rhythms with innovative mixes of funk, afrobeat and hip hop. Cimafunk has received overwhelming praise touring the U.S. and Europe, making a name for himself as one of today’s great showman, performing an electric live show with La Tribu, his 9-person band from Havana. His live show is a celebration of groove and an unforgettable sonic and bodily experience. Cimafunk is redefining contemporary Cuban music as well as Afro-Latin identity and the fusion of black cultures. His latest album, El Alimento, was nominated at the 2023 GRAMMY Awards for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album.

“Cimafunk takes it back there while keeping it in the now. It’s what we do, always reinventing the Funk to keep it fresh.” 

George Clinton

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